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Hi, I'm Mike. The World Wide Web seems to be getting better every day - MindJolt Games online is further proof of that!

In case you haven?t had a chance to check it out, I put up this page to give you some idea of what all the excitement is about. Fair warning, though: MindJolt has over 500 games and more coming all the time. You may never want to stop playing.


In case you havenít heard MindJolt is a site that letís you play online games for free. The games are mostly simple but fun. Some are solitary games. Other are multiplayer. If you create an account and login, you can create a record of the games youíve played and your high scores.

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The number of games is astounding and they come in all types. There are strategy games puzzle games, action games - all types of games. Itís hard to imagine that anyone wouldnít find several that they really like.

Most of the games have a fairly short learning curve. That is you can get good enough to enjoy playing the game right away. But the games are challenging enough to keep you engaged and trying to get better. Trying to beat your old high score is addicting.

You can also do some multiplayer gaming which is fun as well. You and your buddies can share your favorite games as well as braging rights. You can say your scores and compete without playing at the same time.

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One of the issues youíll face is deciding just which games to try. After all, you have hundreds of choices. how do you decide which games to try?

Well donít stress about this too much. It only take a few minutes to try a game and see if you like it. After a while, youíll probably have some favorites you play frequently and as you continue to try different games. Sometimes you may get tired of a game, but that only means you have a chance to move on to another one.

There are a couple of things you can do to help you make your initial decisions. The obvious one is ask your friends. In these days of social media, getting advice from friends id easy (especially since you can access mindjolt through facebook).

You can also check out games by type. Do you like strategy games? Puzzles? Arcade games? They're all there and more, catagorized by type. You'll also find lists of the most popular games and the most recently added. Both these lists give you lots of options

By the way, I checked with both Norton and McAfee Site Advisor and they rate MindJolt as safe. So play away. It looks like this is a great service thatís mostly about having some fun while providing an audience for advertisers.

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You know the old saying ďyou get what you pay for.Ē The web has changed that somewhat because thereís so much free stuff available. However thereís a dark side to free. Sometimes bad guys use the lure of a free download to install viruses, Trojan horses or other malware on peopleís computers. Free screen savers are notorious for this.

It makes sense to be careful downloading anything, especially something free. How safe is engaging in MindJolt? Or visiting the site?

One thing about mindjolt is that they have a business model that makes money on advertising. Itís a legitimate company. The trade off for getting to play the games for free is that you have to watch a brief ad at the beginning. Other online companies, especially those showing video clips, use a similar strategy.

In addition, there are banner ads on the site. They arenít especially obstrusive and are easy to ignore if you want to. Especially when you aree in the middle of a game.

All in all, I find the presence of the ads reassuring. It explains to me how the people at mindjolt can offer the service they do without charging the game players. Some of the ads are even enjoyable. At least the first six times you see them.

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